Reid Perry

Reid Perry and the Cold City Lights


In the Winter of 2013, a group of five men embarked on a journey through the wilds of Billings, Montana. At the start there was only two of us, Jerimiah Tretin and myself, Reid Perry. In the arctic cold of the city, amidst the howls of wolves and car horns, we began to make real a dream we each had of world domination. After looking at the financial costs of such an endeavor, we settled on merely becoming the best band in North America. Across the frozen, drifted plains, traversing the insurmountable heights of the Great Divide, we crossed paths of three more brilliant musicians : Adam Restad, Sam Steingraber, and Grant Jones. The Cold City Lights were born on that day. After many struggles and pitfalls, we wrote an album called After the War, recorded it, and now, finally, as the snow melts and grass begins to grow we anxiously await it's release to all of you, who've kept your torches burning to light the way. The War is over. We're on our way.